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The word community is used a great deal. It seems it can mean anything from a collection of houses to a group of people who chat on a website.

However, to commune, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is… “… to have a rapport, feel in close touch…. identify, relate to…” This is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve at Capitools UK.

This is not just a sales exercise. Yes, of course we sell DIY Tools, DIY Machinery and Garden Machinery such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and so on but our involvement with you doesn’t, and shouldn’t, stop there. Selling you something unsuitable, too big, too small, or of the wrong type just to make a sale doesn’t help you or us.

We want more and you deserve more but to achieve this, to go the extra mile, requires care from us and a conversation with you.

We want to continue to build and improve communications with our customers, to find out what you want, so we can provide a detailed, high-quality, informative service for you and help you get the most from your garden.

To this end we want to be in touch, to hear from you, identify with your issues and relate and respond to your needs.

We are still committed to providing pertinent, useful information and guidance via our detailed, industry leading product write-ups, editor’s comments, our blogs and our innovative database of advice tips and articles. But in addition, we want to get you involved in our surveys and competitions and send you emails to ask for your opinions and ideas.

We want you to read our newsletter, check out our offers and reviews and tell us if you want more, or less, of anything.

In other words we want to commune with you, offer you the best information and advice we can and respond to your needs, thoughts and ideas on a regular basis.To share and share alike.

That is what Our Community means. It means you and us communicating. So drop us a line, read our blogs on and please get involved.

We are waiting to hear from you.

"Capitools is a very efficient, helpful, pleasant and polite company to do business with... I got the impression they were a family run unit and they really cared about me as a customer."  DAVID B. 

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